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How to Survive Dry Weather

Updated: Jan 26, 2020

Whether you live in Nigeria, Dubai, or the United States, weather changes dictate that there will be a period of dry weather where the humidity in the air is low. In Nigeria, we call this dry season. In the United States, this usually is associated with cold, winter months. Many people, especially those with dry skin may find such symptoms as increased tightness of the skin, shine (if your skin is naturally oily), pimples, peeling and flaking, or increased skin irritation. The result can be painful, discoloring, and disheartening.

The question is how do you maintain supple, youthful skin in such harsh conditions.

The answer? Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

While in the past, this just meant increased intake of water, we know now that there is more to the answer. So here is what we find helps you maintain that youthful glow in spite of harsh winds or harmattan.

1. There is no substitute for drinking plenty of water. It is the first and most important step to maintaining well-hydrated skin. Find yourself on the go all the time? Fill a water bottle and carry it around with you. We prefer the washable, reusable kind. (After all, being beautiful doesn't have to be bad for the environment.) When it is empty, you will be reminded to fill it. Being thirsty never any situation. 

2. An air humidifier is a machine of varying sizes and capacities that can be purchased at most local and online retailers. While they can be expensive, you can find one easily for as low as around $20. They require a bit of maintenance (ie. thorough cleaning at least weekly) but can keep the air in your bedroom, living room, or even office well-humidified. 

3. A good skin care regimen involves using multiple steps that include hydration. Dr. KP swears by the South Korean 10-step regimen popularized by the company Sokoglam. It includes the twice daily application of a hydrating toner, essence, ampoule, and moisturizer. Twice weekly it also includes a deeply moisturizing sheet face mask followed by a moisturizing sleep mask. The other steps are dedicated to cleansing, applying medicated anti-acne cream (if needed), exfoliating, and applying sunscreen to block the harsh effects of the sun. For her breakdown of how this works in busy, everyday life, catch her video here. There is a reason why half of the steps are dedicated to hydration. 

With these simple steps in your skin armamentarium, we're sure you're going to get many compliments. The glow up is real!

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